We’re making progress in Michigan and Pennsylvania

This week, we made significant strides towards protecting the rights of residents in two of our target states:

In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder signed a civil asset forfeiture bill package that increases the burden of proof law enforcement needs to forfeit assets and gives citizens more transparency into the process.

And in Pennsylvania, we’re seeing progress in reforms sponsored by Senator Mike Folmer that will mean the government can’t seize an individual’s property without due process.

This progress is a testament to what we can accomplish when we work together to make our criminal justice system smarter and more effective. Get a friend involved by spreading the word on social media.

We applaud the Michigan legislators and policy organizations that put that state’s package of bills past  the finish line — and we hope we’ll be able to say the same for Pennsylvania in the near future.

Michigan and Pennsylvania are just two of many states that are working to change their civil asset forfeiture laws. Many more still need reform. But by continuing to work together, we can protect more Americans’ property rights. Spread the word on social media in support of these reforms.