U.S. Justice Action Network Commends Governor Kasich For Reforming Ohio’s Asset Forfeiture Process

Today the U.S. Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan group working to reform the justice system in Ohio and around the country, commends Governor John Kasich for signing into law reforms to the civil asset forfeiture process that strengthen protections for Ohio property owners. The enactment of House Bill 347 is a signature achievement for the U.S. Justice Action Network and its partners: Ohio’s own Buckeye Institute and the ACLU of Ohio led the charge on these reforms, while national partner FreedomWorks launched more than 60,000 messages into the Ohio legislature supporting the bill. All eight national partners of U.S. Justice Action Network, ranging from Americans for Tax Reform to the NAACP, signed a letter urging Kasich to sign the legislation into law.

Holly Harris, Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Action Network: “By signing into law common sense, bipartisan reforms to the state’s asset forfeiture process, Governor Kasich protects property and due process rights for all Ohioans, and cements Ohio as a leader in the national movement to reform our justice system. Today would not be possible without the invaluable policy expertise of our Ohio partner, the Buckeye Institute, the grassroots power of our national partner, FreedomWorks, and most importantly, the leadership of legislative champions including Representatives Rob McColley and Tom Brinkman, and Senators Kris Jordan and Cecil Thomas, who worked tirelessly to build a coalition on both sides of the aisle to pass these reforms.

Polling from the U.S. Justice Action Network found that 81% of Ohioans agree that the government should not be able to take property without due process, and we see similarly high numbers throughout the nation. We encourage Ohio to continue its progress on justice reform in the coming year, and move forward on broad reforms that address an outdated criminal code, ultimately saving significant taxpayer dollars and making Ohio safer.”