Ohioans Inundate Lawmakers With Calls for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

In Ohio, the collective effort to pass reforms to the civil asset forfeiture system continues to engage all sides.

State Senators Kris Jordan (R-19) and Cecil Thomas (D-9) recently joined FreedomWorks President and CEO Adam Brandon and U.S. Justice Action Network Executive Director Holly Harris to call for the passage of H.B. 347.

There is widespread support for action in Ohio – illustrated by the nearly 52,000 messages that Ohioans have inundated state legislators with thanks to a campaign by FreedomWorks. “As a native of Cleveland, I have been glad to see Ohio make great strides in reforming its justice system, and this bill will bring that work home in one more area,” said FreedomWorks President and CEO Adam Brandon. “Ohioans responded to FreedomWorks’ call to action by making nearly 52,000 messages. Candidates during this election season are hearing a powerful message: Ohioans want this reform, and they want it now.”

**LISTEN: We held a press call with FreedomWorks and the State Senators to discuss this call-to-action – which you can listen to below**

“The current civil asset forfeiture process in Ohio does not reflect the doctrine of innocent until proven guilty,” said State Senator Kris Jordan (R-19), “and common sense dictates that we return to the rule of law that has been a foundation of our legal system.”

“Our forfeiture system is being abused when property belonging to Ohio citizens is deemed guilty first until proven innocent,” said State Senator Cecil Thomas (D-9). “No one should have to fear that his or her possessions might be seized without a conviction.”

“In a time of great political division, support for justice reforms remains unified across party affiliations as we’ve seen in our Ohio polling.,” said USJAN Executive Director Holly Harris. “Ohio legislators like Senators Jordan and Thomas have been leading the way in tackling smart justice reforms, and we call on their colleagues in the Ohio Senate and House to join them by passing smart civil asset forfeiture reform legislation.”