Ohio Senate Passes Reforms to Asset Forfeiture Process

The U.S. Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan group working to reform the justice system in Ohio and nationally, commends the Ohio Senate for unanimously approving H.B. 347 which reforms the civil asset forfeiture process and strengthens protections for Ohio property owners.

Holly Harris, Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Action Network: “We applaud Representatives Rob McColley and Tom Brinkman and Senators Kris Jordan and Cecil Thomas for shepherding these crucial reforms to Ohio’s archaic asset forfeiture laws through the Legislature and working to better protect property and due process rights for Ohio citizens. Ensuring that the government cannot take a citizen’s property without due process of law makes for smart policy and smart politics. Our polling found that 81% of Ohioans on both sides of the aisle agree that the government should not be able to take property without due process. We are grateful for the invaluable policy expertise of our in-state partner, the Buckeye Institute, and for the leadership of our bipartisan group of champions, and we look forward to the Governor signing this important piece of legislation.”