Civil asset forfeiture: The practice through which law enforcement can seize personal property from citizens based only on the suspicion that the property has been involved in criminal activity – and without ever having to charge the owner with a crime.

America’s justice system is based around a simple but powerful concept: “innocent until proven guilty.” But when law enforcement seize property from everyday Americans using civil asset forfeiture, they flip that concept on its head.

Fix Forfeiture is working to curb the abuse of civil asset forfeiture, collaborating with groups from across the political spectrum. Forfeiture is an area ripe for reform, and fixing it will be a significant step toward making the criminal justice system smarter, fairer, and more effective.

Fix Forfeiture’s Staff:

HollyHarris_BioPIcHolly Harris, Executive Director

Holly Harris is the Executive Director for the U.S. Justice Action Network and its sister organization, Fix Forfeiture. She is a veteran litigator with over a decade in legal experience, and a respected conservative strategist. She is best known for her successful challenge to the federal government in a benchmark case over industrial hemp, has served as Chief of Staff and in other senior policy roles for Republican elected officials, and is former General Counsel and Finance Chair for the Republican Party of Kentucky.

Email: holly@justiceactionnetwork.org

Jenna Moll, Deputy Director

Jenna Moll is an attorney with broad experience in successful state policy initiatives and strategy. She comes to this effort from Pew Charitable Trusts, where she led comprehensive juvenile justice policy initiatives, and previously served the Center for Effective Justice at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, researching and educating policymakers on a variety of policy initiatives across the country.

Andrew Howard, Director of Federal Affairs

Andrew began his work on criminal justice, judiciary and homeland security issues in 2009 while serving as a staffer to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell addressing Kentucky’s pervasive substance abuse challenges and developing relationships with Kentucky’s law enforcement community. Most recently, Andrew served as a Legislative Aide to Senator McConnell. A proud Kentucky native, he is a graduate of Campbellsville University where he played varsity football.

For more about the work we do, email press@fixforfeiture.org.